Wills and Executries in Edinburgh and Throughout Scotland

It is regrettable that in Scotland a majority of people do not have a Will. A simple Will is a document which is genuinely inexpensive to set up through Sayer Burnett and which can ensure that those around you are looked after in accordance with your wishes. If you have no Will, the rules of intestate succession will apply.Did you know, for example, that a spouse will not inherit any properties other than the matrimonial home unless a Will provides for this? Instead they will fall to children, siblings and parents or more distant members of family.
The position of young children in particular needs to be carefully considered. Who will care for them and when should they inherit?
A Will, sometimes coupled with lifetime planning can assist in significant savings of inheritance tax and other taxes, and your situation should be reviewed regularly as your circumstances change.
If you do not have a Will, the administrative costs of winding up an estate are often significantly increased, and because of a more complex legal process there can be delays at a time when they are least needed.
If someone has passed away in your family, contact us as soon as you are able and we will endeavour to explain and assist with the necessary processes in a sympathetic and helpful manner.
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